22 June 2024


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Corona Period – 2020 to 2021 for Outdoor Advertising Industry continued

Corona Period – 2020 to 2021 for Outdoor Advertising Industry continued 

By- Saloni Raman Mishra

Let’s continue with the previous article on Outdoor Advertising. As we know there are different types of Outdoor Advertising like Billboard advertising, Point of sale advertising, Retail advertising, Vehicle advertising. What is the need for outdoor advertising as there are new trends like digital marketing, TV endorsements, etc but just think when we go outside to purchase something we buy a lot of extra things also because somehow we are fascinated by the showcase of the products. Then and there outdoor advertising takes a major part because when we are heading towards the market the brands which have displays on a billboard will definitely impact customer’s minds.

Despite the ongoing challenges presented by Covid19, I believe strongly that this industry will surely bounce back.

A question arises in almost every meeting with a client that Why Invest In Outdoor Advertising?

The outdoor advertising association of America shows studies that potential consumers spend seventy percent of their time outside their homes. Thus, it makes sense to present advertising in this environment.

A Nielson study featured in Entrepreneur discovered that outdoor advertising is the most effective non-digital method of generating traffic to online sales.

Outdoor advertising has the greatest return on investment in any form of advertising. Outdoor advertising industry experts say hoardings and billboards are becoming an increasingly popular mode of investment for individuals with a few lakhs at their disposal. The entry cost is not as steep as real estate and the money can be recovered in a shorter duration, they said.

The best bet today is tier II and tier III cities, say those who invest in outdoor media assets. Acquisition costs are still low compared with the metros and other big cities and returns are promising. The value of assets in smaller locations is bound to grow as the economy revives, experts say.

On average; each penny invested in outdoor advertising sees an almost triple return on investment.  This is more than TV and magazine ads combined. The best part for the clients is using their expertise; they can create simple, powerful outdoor advertisements for their products at minimum investment.

After everything comes into action after lockdown people will move towards outdoor locations and outdoor advertisement will have big growth potential.

The companies of India like Selvel  Media Services, OAP, Rapport, etc are one point where you get all your solutions for Outdoor advertising of your products. They have a young dynamic team and also people who have expertise in their areas of work. Also, they think out-of-the-box strategies for your product.

I am and I am sure our whole outdoor group is positive and 110% sure that after the stagnant decrease due to pandemic we are ready and there to hit the advertising world with top scores.

In the next article, we will focus on India Outdoor Advertising Market By Service Type its growth potential, and many more.

Stay tuned….!!!!

Saloni Raman Mishra is an MBA from Jaipuria institute of Management and currently working with one of the oldest and leading outdoor media advertising Agency.

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