26 May 2024


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Corona Period – 2020 to 2021 for Outdoor Advertising Industry an intro!!

Corona Period – 2020 to 2021 for Outdoor Advertising Industry an intro…

 By- Saloni Raman Mishra

The Outdoor Industry is the oldest form of advertising in the world which is also called as Out-of-home advertising. In this series we will focus on insights of outdoor Advertising, its categories, which type of companies are in this field, during this pandemic how this is going to survive and what’s its future.

Any business on the face of earth advertises in one or another form because communication is the key to any successful business. Business is anything that allows us to earn and develop not only ourselves but our community also. During this unprecedented crisis of the Covid – 19 epidemic is not only a medical emergency but also a crisis for the economy and employment. People are losing hope, mental stability, and patience.

But we are talking and seeing the only side where there are problems but nobody is looking on the brighter side and now the question is what is the brighter side people are dying, business is on the verge of diminishing so what is bright in this.But we forget when there are changes there is turbulence if we lose something we will definitely gain something.

Let’s take an example of Japan, In the 2nd World War Japan lost everything and the 67 Japanese cities were devastated. There was nothing good about that situation at that time but if we look today after 76 years they are one of the leading countries which have technologies beyond the world. They have fought through the worst phase of their situation but they have one thing that is their old traditions and cultural practices and views which gave them strength to come back.

So, today we also need to look back at our old traditions, cultures, practices which will give us a lot of strength for the fighting spirit. India is a country of old traditions, views, and togetherness which the young generation is lacking and that is the reason why after having such a vast culture and strength we are depreciating. Look at this situation deeply and analyze that we are making some mistake, Once again not very straight but diplomatically we are becoming slaves.Trust me we learn management at each minute in our day-to-day life we just have to analyze and work.

In next article I will cover its category and market segment…Indian context …and many more….

Stay tuned….!!!!

Saloni Raman Mishra is an MBA from Jaipuria institute of Management and currently working with one of the oldest and leading outdoor media advertising Agency.

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