22 June 2024


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“Atomic habits” by james clear 

“Atomic habits” by james clear 

review by – Rupesh kumar

It’s review time ,In book review, today’s book is Atomic habits by james clear , now the question is

Who Should Read It?

There’s really no limit to who should read Atomic Habits.

We’re all “made of” habits therefore this book is inherently about our behaviors and what all of us do every day. That being said, you’ll really enjoy this book if:

You care about achieving your goals,

You want to deliberately change your habits,

You want to discover how habits are formed,

You want to know how you can build systems that will support your goals.

Actually, this video is in two parts in the first part I tried to explain the book in an animated way and 2nd part describes all 22 habits, the language of this video is both English and Hindi … Atomic Habits can help you improve every day, no matter what your goals are.

Lessons you will learn from reading Atomic Habits • How to make time for new habits ;

  • How to overcome a lack of motivation and willpower;
  • How to design your environment to make success easier;
  • How to get back on track if your habits break down
  • How to overcome the plateau of latent potential

“You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems” – James Clear

If you liked this summary and you want to go deeper into Atomic Habits, here is a link to the book



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