28 November 2021


कहो खुल के




By. Pragya Pandey

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion…this is all that most of us become crazy about these days. Fashion can be referred to as the prevailing style or custom in dress or behavior. Fashion is not new. It is prevalent since the old ages. Fashion is very important in our everyday lives. Everyone wants to present himself in the most appropriate dress for him. Clothes mark the status of a person. Fashion has spread in all the spheres of our life. Our country is also affected by this phenomenon. The fashion craze is widely seen among young people.

Most of the young boys and girls spend must of their time in front of the mirrors. They want to attract every eye. They want to look mod and go crazy for new fashions, hairstyles, and clothes. Much of their time is spent in parlors rather than studying books. Thus, they spend a lot of money and time on fashion

 The fashion trends keep on changing. The youths follow the latest fashion trend. The different fashion comes for different weather like spring fashion, summer fashion, winter fashion, etc. Runway fashion or fashion catwalk is also very popular.

Let’s do some research, One can find a new trend in almost everything around them. What could be those things? Just look around you, you will get the answer. A list of few items around you with new trends is given below :
3.Eating habits
4.Hair dressing
5.Foot wears
6.Even the fans ,ceiling and Names have new trends.

There are many more things which you can easily find.

Fashion is the term that applies to the trend and style that people adapt according to the changing world. It sets our dress, behavior, food, likes and dislikes, etc. to match with the changing scenario. In old days people mostly followed the traditional pattern of living set by our predecessors on the base of their religious values and beliefs. So the names like Dasharatha, Ram, Krishna, Radha were the most common in society. But now Tom, Dick, Harry is in fashion. Now the fashion is set according to Bollywood and Hollywood. Heroes and heroines of the films have become the role models. Now it is very difficult to distinguish whether ‘Puppy’ is your pet baby dog or your own son or daughter. 

But is this trend affecting us???

This is a big question and so is the answer.
Yes, these trends affect us in numerous ways. Some of which are above our imagination. These things may hurt today’s youth. Nowadays, everyone wants to look fashionable and do all kinds of stuff which make them look stylish.

What do these trends include???
These trends include clothing and hairdo. All kinds of new foot wares, accessories, cars, bank account holdings, housing, luxury life, etc.

But is it limited to this???

Actually, yes but today’s youth have turned this truth wrong and went far beyond it. For them, only being fashionable is not enough but they want themselves to be stylish. For this, they turn towards unproductive means like smoking, drinking, taking drugs, etc. Youth could be easily be spotted outside the clubs having a puff and they are even egoistic and proud of their deed.

Effects of consciousness on youth???

The youth spend money blindly on the fashion kinds of stuff to get them updated with the new trends. They are somehow affecting their studies and getting distracted from their main goal which is MAKING THEIR CAREER.

Fashion is not a word that is unknown to everyone today. The whole world has become crazy for fashion and tries to go ahead in this race

These fashion-loving young men and women never realize that they are wasting their precious time and energy which are to be used for the study to make life brighter. They carry their pocket .combs to their classroom and comb their hair even in course of a lecture. They put a burden on their parents and spoil their hard-earned money. By and by they become the prey of bad habits. They start drinking -as a mode of fashion and sometimes they even take drugs too. 

The cinema and T.V. are the most important sources of fashion. They circulate the latest style of dress and hair among the youth. These fashions exercise a strong fascination over them. Most of the cinemas and serials are exclusively based on fashion. The female characters expose their body in minimum clothes while the male characters try to overpower the young minds sometimes with their hairstyles, sometimes with their art of speaking, walking, attacking their enemies, etc. All these are baseless. 

Fashion no doubt is the up-to-date mode of living. But one must be conscious of one’s culture and background. Everything is not acceptable everywhere.

Don’t let the trends rule you
make the trends and rule the world
in a good and productive way.
be the change
and spot a +ive impression on the next generation.

Pragya Pandey is kolkota based popular fashion Diva and owner of a clothing brand called MAAIYA

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