21 February 2024


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Covid-19, the Fashion industry and Dilemma 2021

Covid-19, the Fashion industry and Dilemma 2021

By- Pragya Pandey

As the world knows Covid 19 virus has come from China and most positive coronavirus news currently comes from China. CCCT, the Chinese Textile and Apparel chamber of commerce, reports a positive trend in the resumption of operations in the textile and apparel sectors.

The capacity of production moved towards 80 percent of the normal situation. Logistics and port facilities are recovering. But is this the news to celebrate or have to wait…? To get the answer to this question we need to put a glance at some situation questions and scenarios…

Let’s start with first …How Covid-19 Is Changing Everything In The Fashion Industry

The coronavirus has given rise to a brand new world – a world we are still adjusting to, trying to navigate, and in a sense, make peace with. A lot has been said about fashion in this context. We have been posed with several questions about the future of the industry, consumption levels, production operations, and whether we even need fashion in the grand scheme of things.

Will this give rise to a new discerning consumer? Will buying patterns change? How are brands diversifying? And, for the lack of a better term, what is the “new normal”?

We’re exploring all the shifts, changes, and movements that fashion folk from across the globe, and locally, are making to fit into this new reality, because, nothing changes, if nothing changes.


Social distancing measures and travel bans have begun to force designers to rethink their traditional system of developing, showing, and delivering their collections, resulting in one main outcome: Seasonless collections. Gucci’s Alessandro Michele announced that the brand will be going seasonless, and would scale back the number of fashion shows to twice a year. He also stated that the fashion week calendar would now become obsolete, adding that he hopes to abandon the worn-out ritual of seasonalities and shows to regain a new cadence.


The conversation around sustainability has come to the forefront, with consumers engaging in meaningful dialogue about over-consumption and materialism.

With stay-at-home orders in effect, brands are diversifying operations based on the need of the hour.

Designers as well as fashion entities are moving away from traditional patterns to embrace newer approaches – from the way future collections will be presented to supporting the community.

COVID-19 lockdown hits the fashion industry hard, designers fear an uncertain future.Here I will give you a local example, A small lane in Shahpur Jat, with designer stores lined up on both sides, used to be bustling with would-be brides, stylists, and more. Like many markets in Delhi, the place wears a deserted look with several designers shutting shop, owing to high rent and no customers. While some designers are going online for sales, others have decided to wrap up business.

The pandemic has changed the way people live. They’re scared to go out, and spending huge money on luxury is being considered taboo. The festive season was only hope, but no miracle happened.

The biggest worry is making the business profitable “with changed social structures and living concepts during the pandemic”. Designers say they’re hoping that the coming festive season might revive their dying business, else it is time they think of diversifying into other businesses or reinventing their designs.

Even Now Fashion stalwarts’ sense that designer wear isn’t something people will buy. The fashion industry revolves around social approval, and people don’t need that when they’re home.

For example, earlier people would buy a new dress for a friend’s birthday party or a get-together. Now, we don’t know when such social gatherings will be a part of our lives again.”

So the Dilemma continues …goodbye 2020 …welcome 2021.

B.sc and postgraduate from Calcutta University Pragya Pandey ji having advance diploma degree in fashion technology from Global institute of fashion technology     She is the Owner of Brand MAAIYA brand. and well-known fashion personality in the fashion world.


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