22 June 2024


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Anna a SpEcIaL Child – by Urvashi Tandon

Anna A special child -by Urvashi tandon 

Bebaak adda 

In this section of Aksharon ki duniyan we from Bebaak adda presents a ,A Professor, Trained vocalist, An Energy healer, A Spiritual Seeker, and An Author Urvashi Tandon 

She is a Professor of Anaesthesiology who served in the INDIAN NAVY for 29 years. Based in Gurugram and has written short stories for anthologies as well as articles for various magazines. She was one of 25 winners of a short story writing contest for women writers of India, held by emagazine which culminated in a book titled “Everything Changed After That”.

She has authored a book for children titled “Potpourri, stories for children” which is an illustrated book comprising a collection of 10 short stories aimed at increasing environmental awareness in children. Having worked as a PaediatricAnaesthesiologist, she is naturally inclined towards writing for children. She finds them impressionable and malleable. Being the future of any society, she believes that the right literary content could help in shaping a better tomorrow.

Now she is coming up with Book Anna A special child in which main character is Twelve year old Anna.

Anna who is handicapped as a result of an accident as a little child and has been attending a school for special children but her parents as well as Anna herself would prefer regular education in an established institution.

   She steps into her teens about the same time as trying to adapt and make her presence acceptable in a regular school. The story deals with the trials and tribulations that the young girl faces in the form of dealing with bullies in school, and gradually endearing herself to her peers and teachers. She evokes a sense of admiration as she deals with challenging situations like being ragged and laughed at. Nervousness is overcome and new friendships forged as she gradually finds her place in her new school. Her talents shine through as she attempts to merge with “Normal” children. Being kind and intelligent, she emerges largely successful, and the bullies become friend.

 Physical disability does not lessen a person’s worth and capabilities. Anna may not be able to take part in athletics or reach out to a book placed on a high bookshelf while seated on her wheelchair, but she more than makes up for lost ground in a game of chess and does not hesitate to ask for help to circumvent the latter. She faces embarrassing moments too as her pet kitten creates mayhem in class during an examination. She faces resentment, pity, and jealousy before finally being accepted and admired. Her sense of humour sees her through difficult times as when she notices the colorful socks worn by an office boy escorting her to class, and imagines it cheerfully winking at her from around the boy’s ankle, attempting to uplift her spirits.

She is as normal a child as the rest of her class. This is the message that the novel tries to bring out as it showcases Anna’s talents and intelligence as well as her grit and determination, while going through an academic year in a school not accustomed to dealing with special children.

     She ends up being considered an asset by her teachers and classmates and endears herself to one and all.

So last but not the least this is A very special story with the aim of highlighting  Some issues that a child with limitations feels amongst regular children, are brought out in the story to increase awareness about situations that are not much talked about. For any society to progress, we, the people need to be more inclusive in our approach. A young mind is sensitive and malleable. Hence the attempt to write this story for adolescents and young adults, who are the future of our society.

All the best to  Urvashi maam for such a wonderful story and we expect many more to come from her.

Now the book is released and we can get it from amazon in both KINDLE and PAPERBACK form… Link is given below you can click and buy and be a part of ANNA’s world.

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