27 June 2022


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A COVID love story By – Tanya Walia


A COVID love story

By – Tanya Walia

In a large hospital on the end of the hallway of the 2nd floor was the isolation center for COVID patients. Separated by glass walls the patients had each other and the occasional visitations by doctors wearing PPE kits for entertainment. New friendships were being formed and stories were being shared.
The patients told all kinds of stories to each other from their bitter-sweet childhood to their first date. They made up the scenarios of when they will leave from here and reunite with their families. Some came true while most did not. That was how COVID was. Only the memories remained.
But even with all the negativity going around love never did cease to amaze one and the inhabitants of the last two chambers were proving this. Rahul and Priya talked all day about their experiences, their thoughts, their ambitions, and their expectations from life. They shared each and everything. Their love blossomed day by day. Even when they were not able to touch each other, even when they knew they could be ripped apart by fate at any moment, they cherished the time they spent with each other.
Priya: Did you know what I will do when I go out from here?
Rahul: What?
Priya: I will introduce you to my family. They are the sweetest people you will ever meet. My father treats me like a princess, he cannot see me cry and my mother will pamper you so much with her delicious recipes that you won’t feel hungry for 2 days. You know on Sundays we always go out for dinner to explore new restaurants. We talk and sing songs. It is the best day.
Priya’s eyes glistened with tears and her voice became heavy. She went into an array of flashbacks and memories.
Rahul: Hey, it will be ok. We will get well and leave from here soon. Then you can meet my crazy family too.
That brought a smile to Priya’s face.

Priya: Why do always call them crazy?
Rahul: You will see.
They dreamt about the time they will be free from the hospital and venture out into the world once again. A dream that most of the people of the world were dreaming of right then.
Rahul and Priya’s conversation was interrupted by the arrival of doctors.

Two doctors and two nurses arrived fully covered in PPE kits. They started checking up on patients one by one, giving them medicines, and checking their oxygen levels.
One of the nurses started walking toward the last two chambers when the doctor stopped her.
Doctor1: Don’t go there.
Nurse1: But doctor those two beds are empty. I can tidy them up and more room will be created for new patients.
Doctor2″: Don’t you know those two chambers are haunted.

Nurse2: Sorry doctor, she is new and I forgot to inform her.
Nurse1: Haunted?
Nurse2: Yes, those beds were occupied by Rahul and Priya but they both died due to COVID. After that, no patient was able to stay in there. They used to hear continuous conversations and the temperature is always cold. The patients die of a heart attack when shifted to those chambers. No one is allowed in there.
The doctors and the nurses went out.

Rahul and Priya continued their long conversations without realizing that the freedom they have craved for was already given to them.

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