27 June 2022


कहो खुल के


In Akshron ki duniya we are proudly Presenting Rohit Dawesar !!

Rohit Dawesar hails from Indore is the author of the bestselling novels, ‘The Stupid Somebody’ and ‘No Matter What. . . I will always love you!’  Popular for his Nanotales, short stories and one-liners that he posts on his social media accounts and on his website, Rohit started writing when he realised that the story he had in his mind was a unique tale that needed to be told.

Now a full-time writer who creates magic with his words, he also owned a coaching institute for engineering and MBA students at one point in time, was a director at Entrepreneurs Consulting Pvt. Ltd., and is also the co-founder and director of a fast-food restaurant brand named The Urban Gumti. He also used to conduct a Bestselling Author Masterclass where he guided more than 500 aspiring authors during the pandemic.
Currently, he is enjoying his popularity in the Indore book fair,his book is doing very well in his section. Rohit has also been invited to renowned colleges in the country like IIT-BHU Varanasi, Sri Ram College, Delhi and more to speak on the subject of ‘From a Non-Writer to a Bestselling Author’.
Some motivational speakers have also been making videos on his life’s journey of becoming an inspiring speaker and bestselling author from being a guy who used to stammer till his college days. 
He is a book lover and a movie and television series fanatic who will hardly say no to a cup of coffee any time.