27 June 2022


कहो खुल के

Kausani by- TANYA WALIA


kausani .. a snap shot ..!!!


Just 4 and a half hours away from Halwani, you would find yourself in a tranquil and serene place, Kausani. With its scenic views and magnificent beauty, it makes the perfect place to detoxify. A stroll through its tea estate makes you realize the division between a fast-pacing world and the peacefulness of nature.

Sitting there in a local tea shop, sipping on my cup of lemon tea I was truly able to admire the simplicity of life of people. The simple life of people is alluring and makes you realize the unnecessary complications we have created for ourselves. That man sitting on his veranda, silently watching his cattle graze encourages you to silence the hooligans of mind and gaze at the world around you, never truly being a part of it.
The chirping of birds reminds you to always sing the song of life in a happy way and not let anyone influence the happy chirpy bird you were born to be.

Our next stop was Baijnath temple, 10 km away from Garur district this ancient temple stands near a lake. Ancient stone structures and small temples scattered all over make you wonder about the true age of this place. After the Jal Abhishek of Shivalinga, I sat beside the lake looking at the picturesque view of the whole temple reflected by it and pondering upon the real meaning of life. These kinds of places remind me that the purpose of life is far greater than just surviving.

If you love trekking then Rudradhari falls would be perfect to satisfy the inner adventurer. In a remote area, we trekked through a thick forest for 2.5 km. It’s harder to find your way without a guide, my guide was my friend who has visited the same many years before. Together we embarked on a journey through the thick forest stepping on uneven grounds and crossing a river to find ourselves in front of the true definition of heaven on earth.

A small white temple stood in contrast to the tall mountains surrounding it. The sound of the water flowing from the falls on the left was like the chanting of “Om”. The crystal-clear water of the pond created by the falls makes it easier to see different kinds of fish.
The small white shiva temple, the waterfall, the pond, and the tree with yellow flowers look like a version of mini heaven. It is a great place to leave all your worries behind and meditate on the rhythm of the waterfall.
The soothing environment of Baijnath and the melodic song of Rudradhari falls washed all my fears away. The energy, the air, and the silence are all so comforting that it chases away the thoughts of the mind making it a perfect place to start your spiritual journey.

Tanya walia , a best selling author and a banking professional, is known for her novels like “forever”, “5:45 am: The morning that changed everything” and  “The Rebirth of the Queen”.