27 June 2022


कहो खुल के


In Akshron ki duniya on the eve of Women’s day we are proudly Presenting Tanya Walia

bebaak adda

It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. It can make or break one’s perception of the world and that is what ‘Tanya Walia’ proves with her novels. They take you into a world of otherworldly creatures and a roller coaster of emotions that makes you think about life beyond this realm. She owes this particular line of thinking to how her journey started as a writer in the first place. When all the other 14 years old were busy playing hide and seek, she was dreaming- dreaming about the first 4 lines of her poem. The pen and paper got its master and at midnight a writer was born.

After that it was poem after poem about Parents, Nature, India, and Children. To possess such talent and understanding of social issues at such a young age was truly the mark of a genius.She wrote her first novel “Forever” while preparing for banking examinations and published it on an online platform ‘Wattpad’ which gained more than 80k followers, two awards and an honorary mention after which it was selected by Diamond pocket books for publication.

Bestsellers from Tanya 

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Many online and offline interviews tell us the scope of her success. Her 2nd book “5:45 am: The morning that changed everything” is a short thriller novel that gained 2nd rank in amazon’s best sellers horror category. While working in the hectic environment of the banking sector away from her hometown, she did not deter from her goal and launched her 3rd novel “The Rebirth of the Queen” on amazon.

Her love for nature and pets are unconditional . Even after achieving so much at such a young age she is known to be kind and compassionate yet equally fierce and hardworking. The kind of woman this society needs today.

On bebaakadda we are proudly announced our association with Tanya walia for her views on various issue and her upcoming projects . Stay tuned !!!!